Memory Riser Board
Memory Riser Board

Memory Riser and DIMM Configuration

The memory riser configuration rules for the server are as follows:

  • The 2-processor server contains eight memory risers. The 1-processor server contains four memory risers. Four memory risers are supported per CPU.

  • Each of the memory riser slots in the server must be filled with a memory riser.

There are only two possible memory configurations: Fully populated and half populated. DIMM configuration rules for each memory riser are as follows:

  • For a fully populated configuration, DIMMs must be installed in all four DIMM connectors on each memory riser.

  • For a half populated configuration (with 16GB or 32GB DIMMs), DIMMs must be installed in the two black DIMM connectors (labeled J701_ZA and J701_ZB) on each memory riser.

  • All memory risers must contain the same rank, size, and type of DIMM

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